Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Too good to miss!!!

Friends and Family,

September is a big month for me, many birthdays and in order to celebrate them, I decided to have a huge sale on my Etsy store. This is your chance to take advantage of early Christmas shopping and it will last for that day only.

September 13: Dorothy - 25% off any item
September 14: Paul - 36%off any item
September 17: Chris - 40% off any item of $100.00 or more
September 22: Angela - 29% off any item
September 25: Becky - 42%off any item of 100.00 or more
September 29: Zach - 32% off any item

This is the biggest sale I ever offered and it won't come again until 2011, so, check my shop, select what you like and mark your calendar. Sale lasts for that day only.

Hugs to all,
Perie Brown

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