Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 8, 2009

Here I am again trying to come up with something interesting to blog about.

After I learned to do bead embroidery, I made a bracelet which I thought was good enough to submit to the Saul Bell Jewelry competition of Rio Grande. When I tried to find out more information about my category of "beads" I realized that previous winners had actually MADE their beads. Since I do not make beads, but just use them, I thought I would not have a chance so I decided to list it on Etsy. Please check it out www.designsbePerie5.etsy.com I am really proud of it.

I recently bought my friend Rachel's (Nelson-Smith) new Seed Bead Fusion book. She had made a bracelet some time ago which was very similar to a bracelet I had made, our technique was the same but hers was in a larger scale than mine, so after reading her directions, I made still another one combining both methods and adding some of my "specialties" and the result, if I may say so myself, is stunning. And this bracelet is MINE not for sale. If I knew how to add pictures to this blog, I would show it to you.

So, if anybody knows how to add photos to this blog, could you please let me know...........please


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